Young musical artist Majharul Islam shows artistry with melodious voice in ‘Keno Eto Bedona’



Majharul Islam is a Bangladeshi music artist, entrepreneur, digital marketer, influencer and internet personality who is best known as a digital marketer rather than a musician. He was born on February 21, 2002 in Rangpur.

Majharul Islam is becoming very fashionable in Rangpur. He owns success after attendance, he is also verified on YouTube in 2021. Recently he has composed tons of music. Much of his music becomes famous.

The song ‘Keno Eto Bedona’ revolves around a lover’s love for his beloved and his desire to find him in her life. Majharul Islam portrayed his feelings of love for his lover in a poetic way and he sang his heart out in this song. The musical artist showed her melodious voice in the song and also showed her artistry in a unique way. He works with great musicians and composes music.

His songs have already become very popular on various social media and music platforms. In the meantime, it has received artist databases and verified pages on various music platforms.

Majharul Islam’s music is heard and goes viral around the world. He founded the music production “MarketerX Pro” to provide musical rhythms, instrumental rhythms, we provide various kinds of services to our customers.

Regarding the state of work thanks to digital in Corona situations, he said that it was not possible to perform normal work outside the home in an epidemic situation. If you want to work in a production company, you have to go. So right now I’m trying to post songs from my home through YouTube, Spotify and iTunes and all streaming apps. In this situation, I think these are the best ways. MarketerX Pro’s plan is to store his songs on all other international platforms including Spotify, iTunes, Apple, Amazon, Tidal, Deezer and other artists across the country like him who will be releasing their songs in the future. “I have already started,” he said

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The success of Majharul Islam at a young age helps us understand that people are trying to help us get everything. We have a lot to learn from him. Each of us young people should know from Majharul Islam that anything is possible if people try.


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