Why was musical artist Eric Omondi arrested? Explain

Eric Omondi arrested: Why was the musical artist Eric Omondi arrested? Explain : Stars always love to make the media headlines, sometimes they do weird things that land them in jail. One of these popular comedians has been charged and arrested after attempting to storm the Parliament buildings. According to media reports, a controversial Kenyan comedian named Eric Omondi was arrested on Tuesday, November 16, 2021 and then released. His brother Felix Omondi confirmed the news of his brother’s arrest and said he was at the central police station. The comedian is currently all the rage on social media, trying to get music artists to storm parliament in order to fix the music industry in Kenya. Follow more update on GetIndiaNews.com

Eric Omondi arrested

He takes the social network account and declares that “Loading history … Tomorrow 10:00 am !!! Tuesday, November 16, 2021 will be remembered for years to come. To all artists / musicians and all media / media to meet us at the Parliament Building tomorrow at 10:00 am. His brother Félix Omondi broke the news of apprehending him by saying that he was at the central police station.

In a video shared online, Eric is seen resisting as men in uniform force him into the police car. The comedian said performers would convulse for better and good pay at events and demanded that they receive the same amount for the curtain raiser, just as foreign acts are paid for. He further added that he wanted the Kenyan media to be forced to broadcast 75% Kenyan content.

Why was Eric Omondi arrested?

“All local media broadcast at least 75% of local music, like in Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Ghana, South Africa, and the list goes on and on.” According to the central OCPD, Adamson Bungei, Eric was apprehended for the offense of creating unrest near the parliament buildings. Bungei said that “he did not follow the processes to organize the so-called protests. We are sorting it out.

The actor had recently called on all the musicians to come and join him in storming Parliament around 10:00 am with a list of demands to present to their respective leaders. Omondi and his group were however smashed by cops who attended the scene and took the comedian into custody in dramatic apprehension. He was rushed by the police into a waiting police van, but he tried to resist and instead jumped onto the roof of the motor vehicle.

The comedian was then helped by the police who took him to the police van and left. The march followed a discussion that took place online. The self-proclaimed president of Comedy in Africa has ignited Kenyan musicians to demand more dissemination and the same treatment as international artists at their concerts.

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