What happened to Prince Benza? Songwriter and musical artist Prince Benza survived an accident

Maybe the year 2022 will be an unlucky day for the great personalities of the world. We’ve heard some deadly and heartbreaking news from the stars who lost their lives in a horrific accident and again the other news is spinning on social media. According to internet sources, a popular personality, Prince Benza who is a popular musical artist and producer involved in a fatal car accident. Yes, the musical sensation was involved in a car accident and it’s relief news that he survived by a hair’s breadth.

According to the internet sources, the songwriter was involved in a tragic accident earlier today and since then rumors about his death have been circulating on social media which is not a good news for his fans. We want to confirm to our readers that he was involved in and survived this accident. It was announced on social media that Prince Benza has revealed he never thought he would be involved in such a horrific car crash.

What happened to Prince Benza?

The singer shared a photo of his damaged car in which the car is totally overturned and it is lying on the road like scrap metal, as it looks like the singer’s luck was very good that he survived. He took to social media support and wrote: “This is my everyday leboga bophelo i never thought i would ever be in this more lenient situation i was involved in an accident car today, but I’m fine but I need space for now… Please pray for my boy Majoro the boss and for my team Thank God”.

The singer who is known for his amazing appearance on the hit song ‘Ghanama’ which also featured Makhadzi reassured his fans that he is fine but also asked his fan to pray for his management team. Since news of his accident went viral on social media, many fans have started praying for his recovery as he has not reported any major injuries. He is also saddened to share with you that Mzansi has lost another Hip Hop artist.

Is Prince Benza dead or still alive?

A popular artist, DJ Dimplez whose real name is Tumi Mooi has sadly passed away. According to the sources and a close friend’s report, he collapsed while at a concert at Barcadi. People weren’t yet out of the death of DJ Dimplez and the other incident to come to the fore. Currently, the songwriter is doing well and may be taking his treatment. He will be fine soon.

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