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It was a snowy day in February when Spencer Hatcher and his brother Connor, dressed in denim shorts and suspenders, posted a video on Spencer’s TikTok account of themselves covering the classic bluegrass song “Good Ol ‘Mountain Dew “in the back of their red pickup truck.

It wasn’t long before one of Spencer Hatcher’s 505,000 subscribers on the social media video-sharing service commented on the video, tagging the official Mountain Dew TikTok account, and a business deal was struck for Hatcher writing a song for the most recent Mountain Dew. flavor, Major Melon.

The commercial, which airs Aug. 3, features Hatcher, 24, and Connor, 21, performing the song called “Mountain Dew Major Melon”, a cheerful tune in a style similar to “Good Ol ‘Mountain Dew”. Spencer Hatcher wore his trademark Daisy Dukes with suspenders and played the banjo while Connor played the double-bass double-bass, which the duo’s father and manager, Michael Hatcher, called “the shredding.”

“People say you can shred on the electric guitar,” said Michael Hatcher. “Connor can shred on the bass.”

With harmonies assimilated to the Everly Brothers, the duo grew up with string music, starting in the Hatcher Boys group with their father. Spencer Hatcher is the frontman of Spencer Hatcher Music, while Connor Hatcher provides smooth harmonies and bass backups with his friend Austin Taylor from Lexington on drums. The group has performances scheduled almost every weekend and will perform at the Rockingham County Fair on August 20-21.

Spencer Hatcher, an East Tennessee State University alumnus who studied business and got a minor in bluegrass, said when the pandemic hit he was working as a musician for other bands and the work had slowed down . Hatcher, who has always dreamed of becoming a country star, said he decided it was time to embark on his own career. He did this by posting TikTok videos, which have since grown in popularity.

“I love country, but I also love bluegrass,” Hatcher said. “We have found TikTok to be a good way to introduce bluegrass and expose a new audience to it. There’s something about these Daisy Dukes. Every video I made with them has exceeded one million likes.

Hatcher said he was aiming for the country’s stardom. Although a few record companies have reached out, he said he is waiting to write a “golden” hit song that will take his career to the next level.

“I don’t try to sing like them, but I study the way artists like Elvis and Keith Whitley sing and incorporate some of their movements into my own performances,” Hatcher said. “I only want to be myself, but I learned a lot about singing and singing by studying other artists.”

He said Mountain Dew sent a professional cameraman to the family farm to shoot the commercial. The video was meant to look like one of Hatcher’s TikTok videos, so fans would recognize it. He said he was able to retain a lot of creative control over how the video was filmed.

“They’re both natural and they both have great personalities,” said Ben May, a family friend, teacher and career country musician. “Connor is like a little teddy bear; everyone wants to take it home. When I first met them, they could both only choose their noses. They did most of it themselves, but were impressed with the old guys playing string music when they came to visit us. They have a bright future ahead of them.

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