This portable musical instrument made from PVC pipes radiates the vibrations of Dr. Octavius!


If you’ve ever met a Tubulum, you know how cool it looks, and the way it’s made is just imaginative! Made from a collection of PVC tubes or pipes, the sound of the DIY musical instrument is determined by the length of each pipe. So how could a Tubulum be upgraded to look even more badass? It could take the form of an OCTAV – a musical instrument that can be worn as a harness and give us those cool Dr. Otto Octavious vibes!

Designed by Asaf Wainberg, this unique musical instrument is purely out of the realm of cool DIY stuff that you can’t miss. Like the Tubulum, the OCTAV is made up of PVC pipes leading to six pads (like drums) that create sound. The principle here is that the sound generated by tapping the pads depends on the length and circumference of the pipes attached to them. And it’s all attached to a harness so you can move around with it.

With Dr. Octavious in mind, I wish there was a way to robotically control the arms; that would make a kick-ass piece to strut around.
However, the similarity ends there, as this music platform belongs to an incredible array of things, wrapping the musician front and back for a superhero look. If you’re inspired enough, this could be a DIY replica weekend project to surprise your friends. Who knows, you might be the next viral sensation, just like Asaf Wainberg will be in a few weeks!

Designer: Asaf Wainberg

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