This Pneumatic Hybrid of a Vehicle and a Musical Instrument Tests the Limits of Sound –

I don’t want to sound my own horn…

As part of its joint project “Two Yamahas, One Passion”, Yamaha Design Lab has designed an unexpected piece of technology: a mobile musical instrument powered by gas and air.

With the new concept, dubbed “Untitled Instrument”, two Yamaha departments have joined forces to rethink the principle of sound and how it can be used in conjunction with modern automotive engineering technology. If the airflow through a wind or brass instrument, such as a trumpet, is properly controlled, a musical scale can be played. This same air is also used to power the propulsion of the bike.

Depending on how the air is converted into energy, this can give different results. The bicycle is able to move when air is converted into material vibration energy.

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“If air is converted into material vibrational energy, it becomes a tool that produces sound like a musical instrument, and if converted into propulsive energy, it becomes a tool like a vehicle,” writes Yamaha Design Lab. in an Instagram post. “Although the same source, air, is used, the role of the tool changes drastically depending on how it is used and therefore a single object shows the origin of the two Yamaha companies, which were none only one originally.”

This unique technical feat certainly opens up a whole new world of ideas for gathering ideas on the go. But Yamaha added that “Untitled Instrument” is just concept art and won’t be released, so musicians won’t be able to sing and drive their own horns any time soon.

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