These are the 3 ways playing a musical instrument can improve your health and well-being, says Casio

Casio Music UK has launched a new wellness page on its website, naming three key areas where music – and, in particular, playing a musical instrument, such as a keyboard – can improve your life.

First, he points out that music can make you smarter, citing studies that show learning to play an instrument as a child can improve reading, ability to learn languages, hearing, concentration skills, coordination and memory capacity.

There is also the angle of happiness; playing music has been shown to help relieve stress and reduce anxiety, and better manage depression and regulate mood. There’s also some evidence that listening to soothing music can lower your heart rate and improve your sleep.

Finally, there is the health aspect. As you age, playing a musical instrument can help you retain better memory and master your speech processing skills, while creating music has been shown to be an effective complementary therapy in the treatment of dementia, depression and its aftermath. -effects of a stroke.

Above, says Casio, playing an instrument is fun and can be hugely rewarding. You won’t get any arguments from us on this.

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