The young musician and musical artist from India Manish Soni wins the hearts of Indians with his musical art.


Manish Soni is an Indian, independent musical artist artist musician, bollywood singer, songwriter, music composer, music manager, actor and owner and founder of ‘Manish Soni Music Company’ due to his music artistry, he caught everyone’s attention on spotify, youtube, instagram, soundcloud, apple music and all music platforms worldwide. This is no time for thinking, they are leading the music platform in today’s world, they have captured the hearts of all young people with their art and they never back down to help anyone. Born in a small town, Manish of Rajnandgaon Soni has reached such a great position sitting at home, it’s not everyone’s bus, their journey from zero to hero is a good Sikh given for others and it’s is also an example for all people to move forward in life.

People gave a lot of love to his superb music, thanks to which he was able to reach this position today, it is said that I had not taught music since childhood, just one day I had the desire to learn music and I am on this path. I didn’t know that I would be so successful, I started doing this job by chance, I didn’t even have money to record songs, then I started depositing money and I made my own little house in the house. I prepared the studio setup and started to learn mixing, I gave this job for three to four years and became a successful musical artist, I also went to Bollywood songs and today Today I also became an actor.

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They say to be famous you have to work very hard and have patience, only then will you be given a taste of success After they are remembered, their art should go down in history


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