The sponsor of the show will offer a musical instrument “the children’s zoo”


Yi Qian, founder, owner and director of the iSchool of Music & Art, located in the heart of Syosset at 14 Cold Spring Road, is delighted to present the many programs offered by its educational enrichment center.

After the Syosset Street Fair had to be canceled in 2020 due to the pandemic, the Syosset Woodbury Chamber of Commerce is proud to feature local businesses on Sunday, September 19 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. just north of Syosset LIRR station on the along Jackson Avenue and Cold Spring Road.

The iSchool of Music & Art is a Gold level sponsor of the event, and founder Yi Qian can’t wait to see so many familiar faces returning from the Street Fair.

“This street fair is growing year after year, thanks to the dedication of the Chamber. It is more precious that we meet in Syosset in 2021 and that we can have such a beautiful event downtown. For us, Street Fair represents another step forward in getting back to normal and welcoming everyone to town, ”he said.

The iSchool offers music and arts education, both for children over 3 years old (during after-school hours) and for adults of all ages. Program information is available on their website, and will also be on display at the rue Syosset fair on Sunday.

Qian advises that the iSchool booth will be in front of the Oyster Bay Town Showmobile, and that information will be presented as well as a drawing board and a “petting zoo” for children to try out. There will be drums, guitars and a ukulele, as well as violin, piano and keyboard. Kids attending the street fair this Sunday can touch the iSchool instruments and hear their sound, and even take a short one-on-one lesson spending a few minutes learning from the instructors who will be at the booth.

Most of the students who attend iSchool come from Syosset, Woodbury Jericho, Oyster Bay and Plainview. Some of the music acts at the street fair this Sunday will be presented by current iSchool students.

“We have a few of our rock bands ready to perform, and then we’ll also have a mini musical theater with actors and the band presenting a Shakespeare inspired show. In terms of community outreach, students are used to concerts and performances in front of their peers, families and large audiences. Each year the end of year recital takes place; we perform at the Landmark Theater as well as the annual Carnegie Hall concert. Our students also attended our music festival in Germany for three years (2017-2019) and before the pandemic started we had an annual tour of China for our rock bands – we would go to three or four cities and gave concerts for children in China. . Students join our summer programs with the option to go abroad, ”Qian said. He is the pre-university level director for the iSchool music festival in Germany and looks forward to providing new perspectives and diverse experiences to young people to help them prepare for the future.

The iSchool of Music & Art has been a hub for learning and artistic activities since it opened in Syosset in 2008. It offers a unique combination that complements academics well, as long as children are old enough to enter. in Kindergarten and Pre-K programs through their final year of high school or as adults. The school has its own assessment process to determine students ages 5 and up to determine the best musical instrument choices for them.

“This is done using our own variation of personality tests, their study habits and their musical preferences. From there, with scientific evaluation, we make a recommendation to parents for a first step that children can take. Each instrument comes with a different social wisdom and ability; some parents may choose instruments or pick up the piano, for example, without really knowing what is the best choice for a child to study. And children can do the same by choosing. instruments, depending on what they see other children playing. They should be guided to what works best for them based on their personality and work habits, ”Qian said.

The iSchool staff, made up of more than 20 teachers, come to Syosset from all over Long Island, New York and the rest of the region. Yi Qian, who lives in Roslyn, notes that every teacher has a music degree and are active career musicians.

“We have built our program with instructors who are still active in the music business and have the basics and training in music theory from a music degree. The passion of our teachers is contagious as soon as they start working with the students. The iBand is a cross between the rock band and a classical piano trio or string orchestra. The group is formed in such a way that when the children play in an ensemble, they enjoy this process much more – playing music and having interactions with the other children. From our musical education to the shows we put on, it has a cross appeal and combines classical piano with violin and cello to rock guitar, bass, drums. The shows will show how classical music has influenced the rock and pop genres with the same melodies of classical music performed by our rock band iBand, ”noted Qian.

As a small business owner, Yi Qian finds an ideal solution for Syosset’s iSchool in the local area.

“The community offers many opportunities for students of all ages. In the Chamber, local traders also support each other. At every opportunity we actively support our local businesses in restaurants and supermarkets (JS Market) to “stay local” and for summer camp lunches we stop there. The effort to support each other continues throughout the pandemic, and we get to know the services and the people around us, ”he said.

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