The Pulse of Entertainment: performer Jahna Sebastian releases “Day by Day” from the album “Revelation Ships”



“I’ve been making music all my life … A 7-year-old instrumentalist, ”said the multi-talented performer Jahna Sebastien when i commented on it many skills (singer, songwriter, musician, engineer, videographer and owner of a record label). “It came naturally… ealthough I had training as a good. Learning is part of life, there is always something to learn. I learned to read music… classical music… and also drawing and painting at 11 years old. Then I decided to make music my main art.

Jahna recently released a new single, Day by day,” from her thisrd album, “Ships of the Apocalypse” (Multivision Music). The single is accompanied by a music video directed by Alex Riley and made a cameo appearance by London Mayor Piers Corbyn.

“I went to the Russian Academy of Music,” she added. When I mentioned the single is kind of hip-hop with her type of rapping, she said, “I translate my ideas through music. I do a lot of hip-hop. I like to work with the genre. Sometimes I rap, but mostly I sing.

Jahna lives in London and frequents Russian rappers helping to forge a Hip-Hop culture in Russia. She said her rap style started in Russia, but it’s influenced through his background in the UK. Sebastian launched his own brand, Multivizion Music, to distribute his music.

“It made sense, ”she said of the label’s creation. “I can be who I am. I was offered to be on a large label… labels try to pack you up and treat you like a product.

Given that Sebastian wrote, performed, recorded, arranged, mixed and produced the single, I’m sure she doesn’t really need a “big label” – not in the digital age of distribution.

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