The new musical artist Mohammad Mosharaf

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The new musical artist Mohammad Mosharaf

Posted May 6, 2022

Mohammad Mosharaf is a well-known name in the Bangladeshi music industry. Mohammad Mosharaf is a Bangladeshi musician born and raised in the Brahmanbaria district of Bangladesh. He was born in the Brahmanbaria district of Bangladesh. Mosharaf has loved music since he was a child. He took literary and pedagogical courses, as well as musical training, after completing his primary education.

He started his career as an early music composer. He also directs the music himself for various television series and commercials. Mosharaf also worked on the popular Bangladesh Facebook page “Mosharaf” and became very popular both online and offline.

Part of his creation (single tunes):

  • Amar Tumi Nai (2021)
  • Bolbo Tumi jao kache (2021)
  • Chole Jay Amar Din (2021)

The video he worked on contains really different and one-of-a-kind material. He enjoys writing entirely new songs himself. If you visit his Facebook, Twitter and Instagram profiles, you will understand how much listeners appreciate him. As a new artist, Mohammad Mosharaf quickly rose to the peak of popularity. In real life, Mosharaf is a musical artist, he is much more industrious and always imposes himself much more to invent new songs. He works day and night to take the music industry to new heights and try to innovate in music.

Musical career:

Mosharaf worked as a lyricist on Mosharaf’s song “Amar Tumi Nai” with music label TSR Music Studio. After that, he launched his own record label TSR Production. There are many other works he has done successfully like Bolbo Tumi jao kache, Chole Jay Amar Din etc. Now he is a verified artist and Youtuber.

Mosharaf Also works on the most popular facebook page in Bangladesh”Mohammad Mosharaf”. Also known as Mosharaf Singer.

Recently, the song “Amar Tumi Nai” 2021, “Chole Jay Amar Din” 2021, written and sung by him, has gained popularity on all social networks. Mohammed Mosharaf is now a household name in all other online media including YouTube, Facebook Music, Amazon Music, Spotify and Deezer.

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