Summerfest 2021 ends, local artist happy to be back


Guns N ‘Roses headlined the final night of Summerfest 2021 on Saturday, September 18 – but plenty of local bands took to the stage as well.

For local musician Eugene Gruber, there is just something different about performing at Summerfest.

“For some reason when I come to Summerfest I really feel comfortable. I just feel more comfortable,” Gruber said. “If this was my last breath, I would do it here.”

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Gruber said he lost track of how many Big Gigs he played, and he started on the other side of the gates.

“I started playing outside the north gate with my guitar case on the sidewalk, and then someone asked me to come the next year,” Gruber said.

Eugene Gruber performs on the 2nd Floor Stage at Summerfest

This year, Gruber not only performed, but also managed the new 2nd Floor Stage – a place to showcase local talent right next to the main entrance.

“It’s so intimate, people can sit and interact and talk to each other,” Gruber said.

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“It helps people avoid the crowds, gives them a place to sit and eat while seeing great live music,” said Matt McGuire, a Summerfest attendee.

How sweet it is to come back on stage.

“It means the world to all of us local musicians who haven’t really played much in the last year and a half. Now we’re playing here at Summerfest, it’s a lot more than we could have possibly done. wait, ”Gruber said.

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