Sufi singer and performer Bismil elevates people’s musical experiences across India and how

Bismil aka Mohd Asif never ceases to amaze people with the dedication and love he shows for promoting Sufi music and immersing people in the same through his performances.

Today, entering the industry of your choice in itself can prove to be a demanding task, not to mention a huge one. Yet there were a few who did, demonstrating their courage and confidence to not only enter their chosen fields, but to take them back with all their might and with great purpose. Bismil aka Mohd Asif has done the same in the music world with the aim of promoting the magic of Sufi music and entertaining the masses with the power of Shayaris, Sufi music and Qawwalis.

For years, only a certain part of the public showed interest in devotional or cultural music, especially after the appearance of westernized music. However, artists like Bismil are there to break this chain and make people fall in love with genres like Sufi music, which oozes all the pure talent and works of Sufi poets composed of Shayaris and Qawwalis. Bismil makes sure to provide audiences with a one-of-a-kind experience that is both sleek and massive to get people instantly dancing to his live Sufi music performances.

Earning immense love and tons of shows to his name, Bismil and Vibhor, Founder and CEO, Yours Eventfully, together expanded the horizon of Sufi music with Bismil Ki Mehfil, creating music that even young people can relate to. easily identify. Today, Bismil Ki Mehfil radiates the passion of this incredible artist, where every performance is about expressing heartfelt feelings and deeper emotions. From the setup and placement of each instrumentalist and vocalist to the whole vibe each team member creates while performing, everything feels like a dream when they perform live.

Bismil is now touring all over the country with several sold-out shows and wants to continue creating more magic in the Sufi music genre.

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