‘Sound Of Violence’ Helmer Alex Noyer on “Using a Musical Instrument in a Horror Context” – SXSW Studio – Deadline

First-time director Alex Noyer is getting ready for the SXSW premiere of his music-focused slasher movie, Noise of violence.

Prior to that, Noyer stopped by Deadline’s SXSW studio to talk about the film, based on his 2018 short, Driver. He was first inspired by his 2015 documentary, 808.

“I did 808 about the TR-808 drum machine. It took over five years of my life so my obsession with the drum machine was complete and what better way to exercise all I had left than to create a short film where I would kill someone with a box. at rhythms. And that was just that. It was an idea to experiment with the use of a musical instrument in a horror setting.

Jasmin Savoy Brown plays Alexis, a young girl who recovers her hearing and acquires synaesthetic abilities during the brutal murder of her family. As an adult, finding solace in the sounds of bodily injury, she pursued a career in music by composing her masterpiece through gruesome murders.

“I like strange, different things,” Brown told Deadline. “I like that the script has a female and, as I read it, a queer black female, because that’s what I am. And I found it fascinating that it was this character and yet there are no stereotypes there… He was just a person who was particularly complex and imperfect and weird. And I loved it.

Despite Alexis’ sadistic actions, Noyer hopes “there is a feeling that the character’s strength, though applied for macabre purposes, is still uplifting and inspiring.”

Walnut and Brown were joined by co-star James Jagger who explained how his character, Duke, is “this big sticking point and this difficulty in the relationship with the main character of the film”. See the full interview above.

Prior to its debut today, Sound Of Violence was acquired by Gravitas Ventures and will hit theaters and On Demand on May 21.

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