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Sir Trill viral video: With Amapiano singer naming Sir Tril, his manager spoke out after the star was accused of hanging out with “underage girls” in a viral video that was shared on Twitter on Monday, October 11. The video went completely viral on the internet, Sir Trill was criticized on Twitter after a video of him with girls who looked ‘underage’ in a hotel room went viral.

Sir Trill viral video

In the video, the Amapiano star is seen sitting on the bed and is busy with his cell phone while two girls sit next to him on the bed, this has led to numerous tweets slamming the singer for chilling with underage girls, there was another video that was shared on Twitter, the caption of the video was “taken advantage” of the girls.

There are also a lot of people who defend the artist.

Sir Trill’s director clears up the confusion

The manager of the artist named Maseko has since raised the situation in order to clear up the confusion surrounding the video, he explained that they were shooting a clip and that the clip was shot by a starstruck fan who posted it. on his Whatsapp status, from there it was shared on Facebook and Twitter.

He said that they were filming a clip as one of the girls was very excited to see Sir Trill and she recorded a video, she posted it on her Whatsapp status and the video was taken from her status qu ‘she posted on Whatsapp, then she was uploaded to Facebook and Twitter.

He further stated that they didn’t even bother to correct anything because we knew there was nothing behind the video, the problem is how it is posted on the internet with those legends who deliberately put a bad light on the artist, knowing full storyline helps and it has even changed people’s outlook.

The claims were attested by musician Vukani Khoza that all girls were over 16, so they are not minors, a child is legally considered to be under 18 in South Africa, the age of consent is 16 years old. . It seems like people are posting nuisances just to get perspective on the whole situation, which is pretty sad to see.


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