Sardar Movie Review: Karthi’s dual role spy thriller is a proud performer in soundtrack; Hats off to Mitran

The film Sardar by Karthi and P S. Mitran which hit the screens today lives up to all the expectations and hype. The spy thriller is something fans can’t miss watching in theaters. Karthi is known for his terrific performance and once again he proved himself to be an amazing actor. Here is the review.

The birth of Sardar?

Bose (Karthi) is labeled a traitor and has been held in a Bangladeshi prison for 32 years now. He is actually a spy whose code name is Sardar. Sardar Singh tried to stop a crime 30 years ago and that is what made him a traitor to this country but unfortunately the crime could not be stopped because Indian official Rathod (Chunky Panday) deceives Sardar. Rathod wants to sign a contract with China and sell water to people who don’t need to buy the water because we own it as part of nature. Water is everyone’s right to survival.

Vijay (Karthi again) is the son of Sardar. Throughout his life he was called a son of a traitor and Vijay hates that. Due to unprecedented situations, Sardaar’s case comes into Vijay’s hands and that’s when he learns the truth about his father.

A code red has now been issued. It’s time for Sardar to escape from prison and return to the mission. Now will Vijay finally meet his father? It’s something you have to watch on screen.

Terrific performances and plot

Karthi nailed every scene in this movie. He plays two roles and seeing him play in those specific roles is a visual delight. As Sardar and then as Vijay, he performed very well. Raashi Khanna plays (Shalini), in love with Vijay, and Rajisha plays Sardar’s wife. These two great ladies have done a decent job. Chunky Pandey was the right choice for Rathod. All the actors did a great job in this spy thriller.

Director PS Mithran has previously directed Abhimanyu and Shakti. Both of these films have proven themselves at the box office and Sardar brought him a hat-trick. The story of showing a crime committed by Indian officials, which was kept under the sheets and how a spy is called a traitor for it is something that was shown very well. The script and the narration will blow your mind. Credit for the hit goes to both Mithran and Karthi.

Mithran is known for crafting trailers close to sci-fi concepts. Once again, he has captured the hearts of audiences by directing a film that will bring you to the edge of the seat.

Do not neglect anything

The film’s production values ​​are in dispute. The creators left no stone unturned when it comes to the best visual locations, actors, costumes, and everything for the movie. The background music and music by GV Prakash is an asset to the film as it elevates the scenes.

The dialogues are well written. Above all, “Once a Spy, Always a Spy” is something we can all continue to relate to throughout the film, and in fact, it gives Patriots a lot of fun.

All in all, Sardar is definitely a hit in this festive season and something every audience would love to watch on the big screen.

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