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STANHOPE (September 14, 2021) – As sometimes happens when a career turns to greater success, it’s by accident.

While Robert Gordon was well established on the New York punk scene with a band called Tuff Darts in the early 1970s, it was a chance meeting in a studio with record producer Richard Gottehrer that sent Gordon in a new direction. : rockabilly. Impressed by Gordon’s baritone voice and his take on Elvis Presley’s “One Night”, Gottehrer saw something in Gordon and the two began collaborating on projects. And now, some 40 years later, Gordon is considered a leader in the rockabilly revival.

Gordon brings that sound – and a sense of rockabilly history – to Stanhope House on Saturday, September 25. Show time is 7:30 p.m.

Gordon’s career catapulted in 1978 when RCA Records signed him to a contract which he described as “a dream come true” to record for the “Elvis label”. In February 1979, the Rock album Billy Boogie was released on the RCA Victor label. Gordon has caught the attention of the music media. Classic Rock History reporter Brian Kachejian described the single “Rock Billy Boogie” as the song that defined Robert Gordon’s art more than any other song in the singer’s catalog and Bruce Eder of All Music hailed the upcoming one. Gordon album, Bad boy, released in 1980, as one of the best mature rockabilly albums ever recorded. Gordon’s next and last RCA album was in 1981 Are you gonna be the one. The title song written by Marc Jonson. It is Gordon’s best-selling album to date, with over 200,000 copies sold.

Gordon’s musical success continued decades later. But his talent is not limited to music.

In 1982, Gordon co-starred with Willem Dafoe in future Oscar winner Kathryn Bigelow’s debut film, a 1950s-style motorcycle movie (inspired by Marlon Brando’s film The wild) called The Lovess. It was Dafoe’s first leading role. Critics generally liked the soundtrack but didn’t like the movie. The loveless struggled at the box office but is now considered a cult favorite. Gordon also appeared on the SCTV television comedy show in which he starred with his band – after being “mistakenly” booked on the show as astronaut Gordon Cooper. This included a parody of a space shuttle launch.

Music, however, has always been his No.1 concern.

Gordon grew up in Maryland and at the age of nine was greatly inspired by Elvis Presley and his song Heartbreak Hotel. This song convinced Gordon that he wanted to pursue a career as a rock and roll musician at this young age. Over time he has been influenced by people like James Brown, Otis Redding, Gene Vincent, Jack Scott, Billy Lee Riley, and Eddie Cochran. At 17, he had recorded his first song with the band, The Confidentials.

The Stanhope House is located on Main Street in downtown Stanhope. For more information on tickets for this and other shows at the club, visit


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