Rapper Young Dolph has been killed: who is he and what the performer is famous for


Young Dolph Passed Away: Rapper Biography / Instagram Photo Young Dolph

The day before, the American rapper Young Dolph was shot dead in the middle of the street in Tennessee. A stranger shot him dead in the middle of Memphis near a bakery. Several years ago, the rapper rose to fame for his hits and hit the music charts. Read the details further in the material.

The music world was greatly moved by the news of the tragic death of rapper Young Dolph. The artist was very popular among fans and collaborated with famous rap artists such as Juicy J, 2Chainz, Paul Wall, Gucci Mane.

Rapper Young Dolph has died: biography and facts from the life of an American musician

Young Dolph, real name Adolph Thornton Jr., was born in Chicago on August 11, 1985. The guy grew up in a rather dysfunctional family, as the rapper’s parents were drug addicts and didn’t keep up with little Adolf and his life. his two brothers and two sisters at all.

Rapper Young Dolph has died: musician’s biography / Photo from his instagram

While still a child, the musician himself began to earn a living in order to obtain the most basic means of subsistence. At the age of 16, he sold drugs and became involved in a local criminal gang.

In 2008, Young Dolph suffered a car accident that nearly cost him his life. The artist’s grandmother later died of lung cancer. It was these serious events that influenced the rapper and his career. After going through so much heartache, Young Dolph decided to “splash” it in creativity. His first mixtape (taken from different episodes of songs – 24 channels) Paper Route Campaign immediately became a success and paved the way for him to enter the music industry.

Young Dolph-Paper Route campaign: watch the video online

In 2017, the rapper was assaulted again. Then he was rushed to hospital, as Young Dolph suffered three serious injuries, after which he spent two weeks in the hospital. It was rumored that another rapper, Yo Gotti, was involved in the shooting, with whom Young Dolph had conflicts. As a result, this assassination attempt inspired the artist to create the Bulletproof album.

    Rapper Young Dolph has been killed: who is he and what the performer is famous for

Rapper Young Dolph shot dead: musician’s biography / Instagram photo

In 2020, Young Dolph decided to focus on developing his own label and released an album featuring famous rap singer Megan Thee Stallion. The man has repeatedly said on his social media that he generally wants to leave the music business in order to devote more time to his family and to help the people of Memphis. By the way, the rapper still has two small children.

What do we know about the tragic death of rapper Young Dolph

  • On November 17, unknown people started shooting near the local bakery in Memphis. The target of the Shooters was 36-year-old rapper Young Dolph. The musician died immediately from his injuries.
  • Police say Young Dolph was shot from a car driving to a bakery.
  • The town hall has already reacted to the terrible murder of the artist. Authorities said this situation is “another example of senseless violence with the use of firearms.”


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