Raj Khosa, the musical artist talks about his upcoming projects – UBJ – United Business Journal

Talent and hard work are said to work wonders in terms of professional life and Raj khosa is a living example. Originally from Canada, this guy has proven that, if he’s passionate, you can accomplish anything. The real estate pioneer not only became an expert in this field, but he also made a successful career in the music industry.

The entertainment industry is something that fascinates everyone, but not everyone can climb the ladder of success. Not only does it take talent, it takes patience, commitment and dedication. Raj Khosa started his career as a singer and released his first song in 2019. When asked how he started it, he replied, “I was singing just to have jam sessions with my friends, but my friends believed in me and encouraged me to do so. release my song “

After releasing his first song in 2019, he not only gained huge success, but also all the love he deserves.

Today, Raj’s fame is something few can achieve. Asked about his popularity, he said, “Being authentic is the only way for me to connect with my audience and I did. When you become a public figure all people want from you is to associate with you, which is why I have always worked on projects that people might find relevant. “

Raj’s desire for more than singing allowed him to reorient his career and try to make a career out of real estate. Contrary to popular belief, nothing was given to him on a silver platter. By working his fingers to the bones, he achieved everything he has today. Looks like her next song is Mr Dhatt and the release date is March 2022.

Even after being one of the most successful personalities, he continues to strive to improve himself. His experiential knowledge has taught him to work diligently in order to thrive. With the competition soaring rapidly, things might get tougher than expected, but we all know that Raj’s determination and constant effort will pave the way for him for all chances.

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