Practical, soothing, melodious: the ukulele becomes the favorite musical instrument of women | Bengali movie news


From hundreds of Bella Ciao covers to Kalki Koechlin lullabies, the ukulele appears to have taken social media by storm during the lockdown. It’s not just musicians, actors, muggles and many others who upload videos of them singing with this delicate four-string instrument. While some find it easier compared to the guitar due to less strings, others claim to be mesmerized by its melodious sound.

Kalki recently revealed that she started learning the ukulele during her pregnancy to play songs for her baby. After attempting an African lullaby, she was seen performing the famous Bengali song, Ghum Parani Mashi Pishi, on the ukulele for Sappho. In her article, Kalki even thanked stage actress and musician Avantika Ganguly for teaching her the Bengali lullaby. Ukulele fans aren’t limited to the Bollywood actress. Musician-actress Plabita Borthakur, Bengali actress Chandreyee Ghosh, Chitrangada Satarupa and Avantika are some of the women who recently shared their ukulele videos online. CT spoke to them to find out what makes the ukulele their latest obsession.

It’s small and perfect when I shoot ‘

Even when I want to do a solo, I’m still addicted to Chow (aka Pranab Buragohain) since I’m used to singing and composing. But he suggested that I learn an instrument. I chose the ukulele because it is small. It is useful when I walk around for my shots etc. Containment has given me time to practice it and I’m pretty dedicated. Although many other musicians play much better than I do, I give company to my own songs and enjoy them very much.

Plabita Borthakur, alias Manu de Manu and Chow, musician and actress


“The ukulele kept me company in Mumbai”

“My mom always wanted me to learn music, but my sister (Ritabhari) and I never took it seriously. I learned the guitar for a while but it didn’t last too long. After moving to Mumbai, I wanted to devote a little more time to the ukulele. I was looking for an instrument to keep me company. In 2016 a friend gave me a ukulele on my birthday and from 2017 I was stuck in it. I have more musician friends than actor friends. So learning was easy. Now my scratching has gotten better. However, I can’t do nail art or even grow my nails because you have to keep your nails short to play them.

Chitrangada Satarupa, actress


‘Kalki asked me to teach him a Bengali lullaby’

I first met Kalki years ago during Manav Kaul’s play Color Blind. We’ve been friends ever since. During her third trimester of pregnancy, she asked me to teach her a Bengali lullaby. Ghum Parani Mashi Pishi is my favorite, so I taught him that. She was quick to learn. Previously, she played the ukulele to calm her dog during Diwali. Now she’s playing it to Sappho, and it looks like the little one will grow up with musician parents. I started playing the ukulele a few years ago. Chitrangada (Satarupa) motivated me and my husband taught me. Music can help us all stay calm and positive during this time of crisis.

Avantika Ganguly, musician and stage actress


‘It’s quite easy and very melodious’

Many years ago director Aditi Ray and I started to learn classical guitar. We continued until the second year, but couldn’t manage the time after that. After receiving a ukulele as a gift, I started to learn to play online. It’s quite easy and very melodious. Even a person with limited musical background can master it quickly. While in lockdown I played and sang a Chandrabindoo, Eita Tomar Gaan number on the ukulele and people loved it. I try to play whenever I have time.

Chandreye Ghosh, actress

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