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THE EPISODE | “Blood calls for blood” (December 3, 2021)

THE PERFORMANCE | After the brutal attack by Logain’s army, The wheel of time this week chronicled Stepin’s mourning for his Aes Sedai, Kerene – as evidenced by and absorbed by Lan Mandragoran of Henney. In doing so, Lan (and we) ended up appreciating the unique and impregnable bond between, precisely, him and Moiraine.

Henney’s performance for much of the episode was still muted unbelievably moving, starting with the way Lan gradually turned his head to consider Moiraine as Stepin put Kerene down. (“Guardians aren’t supposed to outlive their Aes Sedai …” he noted afterward, riding alongside his.)

Arriving in Tar Valon, Lan was there for Stepin (a good Peter Franzén) as his peer recalled how he had become Kereen’s unlikely keeper, and then as he melted the ring that symbolized their bond. Afterwards, Lan visited Moiraine in her apartments – only to kneel down by her side and hold her arm, then her hand. Conveying both loyalty and affection just with one look, Henney let us know that the loss Stepin feels is one that Lan dread never get to experience it.

In a brief, lighter streak, Lan found himself teased by Stepin, regarding how Nynaeve first touched the One Power in order to save the life of his new acquaintance. Did she fall in love with Lan, Stepin wondered? – It’s a bad idea for her, Lan laughed. Stepin postulated that life without love would be intolerable, but Lan argued, “I can tolerate a lot of things.” (That is, he resists all love? Or knows who has already claimed his?)

A few hours later, Lan woke up to realize that Stepin had drugged his drink, in order to slip away and kill himself. Finding his dead friend in the Hall of Fallen Guardians, Lan could only collapse to his knees and rest his head on his shoulder.

What followed was the most significant scene of the hour. With guardians and Aes Sedai all dressed in white for Stepin’s funeral, Lan knelt beside his fallen friend, as some, and gradually all, banged their chests with their fists. Here, Henney and the great lady Rosamund Pike achieve it, so many with just glances exchanged. Thanks to Henney’s performance, you know that Lan feels the weight / almost the burden of his connection to Moiraine – to such an extent that, coupled with his mourning for Stepin, he can’t help but run wild with a series of anguished moans, all as Henney pounded clearly his own red chest at the time.

Final of the true story

Final of the true story

HONORABLE MENTION | Wesley Snipes brought gravity and credibility to every Netflix episode True story, from the acceptance full of sighs and nervous eyes that everyone in Kid’s inner circle considered Carlton a loser, to his deceptive stoicism while claiming to protect his younger brother when in reality he was grooming him for a long scam. But nothing captured Snipes’ next-level emotion like the moment Kid confronted Carlton about Simone in a cozy sequel during a Sixers game. Snipes’ Carlton was munching smugly when Kid dropped his word bomb, and suddenly the synapses between the older brother’s brain, hand, and mouth broke. Carlton just couldn’t have that latest chip in his mouth as his fight-or-flight instincts made his hands tremble and contort his lips in what can only be described as the most masterful small-screen microexpression of 2021. Once Snipes stabilized Carlton’s fingers, he silently ate his chip and waited for inevitable damnation.

Chucky Jennifer Tilly POTW HM

Chucky Jennifer Tilly POTW HM


|Chucky‘s Tiffany is a lovable madwoman who relishes horror, comedy, and sizzling seduction – all that Jennifer Tilly delivers with panache (while seemingly having the time of her life in the process). In the Season 1 finale of the Syfy / USA series, Tiff played a key role in helping the killer doll carry out her evil plan: to create an army of dolls that would terrorize the entire country. Tilly uplifted every scene she found herself in with her high-pitched screams and perfectly timed childbirth, turning the heel from soft and vulnerable to evil and unsteady maniac. The actress knew exactly when to chew on this scenery – quite appropriate for the camping story being told! – and when to release the brutality inherent in the character. Chucky might be the headliner at this marquee, but it was Tilly’s infectious energy that sprang off the screen and made us want more.

Flash Watercress

Flash Watercress


| When Cress Williams was announced as part of Flashthe “Armageddon” event, we were eagerly awaiting a reunion of electrified super-friends. What we does not have relying on was one of Williams’ best performances as Jefferson Pierce. As Barry begged his ally to turn it off, we felt the conflict within Jefferson. And when Jefferson recounted how “best friend brother” Bill Henderson gave his life so the Pierces wouldn’t lose their patriarch, Wow, this Black Lightning death rocked us again. Then when it became clear that Barry played down the Despero of it all? Williams showed us how annoyed Jefferson growled lightly, “You are hiding something important from me.” I to suggest you remedy This. ”Triggered, Barry fought his friend, but Jefferson managed to calm the speedster with a mantra from his own childhood:“ Whose life is this? To exploit. What are you going to do with it? Live it by any means necessary. “With that, Barry was motivated to solve his future, not to set it aside.

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