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THE EPISODE | “Beard after hours” (September 17, 2021)

THE PERFORMANCE | Few of the times we know what Coach Beard is thinking. Even rarer are the occasions when we know what Coach Beard is Make. But Ted Lasso’s right-hand man took center stage this week – literally at one point, when Beard stumbled upon an underground rave – and Hunt maneuvered an extremely delicate dance with the utmost precision.

The dancing, in this case, revealed new sides to his character – a man who, prior to this week, had only spoken once or twice in any given episode – while still retaining an air of mystery. We knew what Beard was thinking and we knew what Beard was doing in his effort to put the loss of Man City behind him, but we ended this episode still knowing relatively little about who he is outside of his profession.

Along the way, Hunt was asked to be a comedian (see Drunk Beard expose on the fragility of life), an action star (the rooftop walking chase, culminating in a Impossible mission-style jump) and a little flirting (or at least as much flirting as you can get after ripping your pants off). He’s also shown his dramatic chops twice: first, when Beard chose to fight Jamie’s dad; and second, when he entered church and prayed for the very first time. In both cases, Hunt showed a man at the end of his rope. In addition to his self-deprecating tone, you could tell, just by the gleam in Hunt’s eyes, that Beard was a man who felt broken and alone.

Not long after, when Beard went on a rampage at the aforementioned rave, Hunt did a masterful job of going from a state of bewilderment to a state of utter euphoria, as Beard let the electronic dance music overwhelm him. . From that point on, her hips (and powerful hoop) made all the talk.

Lucifer Aimée Garcia

Lucifer Aimée Garcia

HONORABLE MENTION | As exciting as Ella’s booze bomb had been the hour before, Aimee Garcia delivered her best Lucifer performance ever in the eighth episode of the farewell season, in which her famous and sunny alter ego got serious about hurt feelings. Locked in with the LUX gang to look into Linda’s book, Ella kept coming back to how she had been left outside the Heavenly Loop and instead had to figure it out for herself. “Was it fun for you guys to watch me walk around without a clue?” She asked Lucifer during an emotional one-on-one, recounting how she had found herself mourning Charlotte or worrying about the Big Guy becoming AWOL. Lucifer did his best to turn things around, praising Miss Lopez’s ability to accept the divine in the absence of proof, but Ella remained devastated. “That one set of footprints in the sand?” It was me, walking alone ”- with those words Garcia broke our hearts and made us want to give Ella the biggest hug ever.

Sarah Paulson AHS Performance

Sarah Paulson AHS Performance


From the moment Tuberculosis Karen shouted “They go on your balls a lot!” at the grocery store, the last of Sarah Paulson american horror story the character got us by the… well, let’s just say we enjoyed her immensely. But Paulson’s work in Wednesday’s episode of Dual functionality took our appreciation for her tragically comedic character to new heights, leaving us with a heartbreaking performance that will haunt us until next week’s “Red Tide” finale. It was a real crossroads hour for Karen, who was forced to re-evaluate her relationship with Mickey, with herself, and with the very concept of what it means to be talented. And while we don’t pretend to know exactly what lesson AHS trying to convey with his allegory of bloodsucking artists, Paulson was a more than suitable vessel to deliver it – vulnerable, unpredictable and utterly unforgettable.

Andre Braugher and Andy Samberg in "Brooklyn nine-nine"  The series finale

Andre Braugher and Andy Samberg in “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” Series Finale


So many Brooklyn nine-nine focused on Jake and Holt’s relationship, so it was only fitting that the series finale featured one final heart-to-heart between the two. Andy Samberg and Andre Braugher did some of their finest and most understated work as Holt acknowledged his role as Jake’s father figure. The way Braugher chose to take a break before Holt told Jake he was proud of himself – not because Holt was hesitant, but because the former “robot captain” was suddenly filled with emotion. – was a nice touch. Likewise, Samberg, who once tended to always go fat, let Jake’s muffled reaction speak for itself. Holt’s later attempt to wisely crack up with a “title of your gender.” ribbon film ”gave Braugher one last chance to show us how funny he could be. And Jake’s response (“It was perfect”) allowed the once sophomoric Samberg to show just how good he had become at playing such a heartfelt moment with ease and authenticity.

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