One million people used musical instrument during lockdown, as fans crave a return to concerts


One million adults used an instrument during the lockdown, and many people said the music helped them cope with forced isolation, research shows.

The UK Music survey also found that audiences are thirsty for the return of live music, even though they fear their local concert halls will never reopen.

According to the representative study of 1,000 people, carried out by the Public First pollsters, around a million adults reported using a musical instrument during lockdown.

UK sales of musical instruments and equipment, including digital pianos and guitars, rose 80% in the first lockdown last year.

Retailer Presto Music said sheet music sales climbed 25% as a nation of ivory lovers finally sit down to serious piano practice.

UK Music chief executive Jamie Njoku-Goodwin said: “It’s fantastic that around a million people have taken to playing a musical instrument to help them get through the lockdown. It just shows the true power of music to help people get through difficult times. “

“I hope that some of those who started out as chamber artists will be part of the next generation of British superstars and play a vital role in the talent pool on which the industry relies.”

Some 57% of adults said music helped them cope with foreclosure and 71% believe music makes them more productive at work or school.

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Learning to play the drums while in lockdown helped me live on my own during Covid-19

Despite the pandemic, 43% of the public is interested in going to a concert, concert or festival this year.

Among 18-24 year olds, 38% say attending a music festival or concert is one of the things they look forward to the most.

However, nearly half of the public (45%) are concerned about the financial viability of their local concert halls due to the impact of Covid-19.

Njoku Goodwin added, “These results demonstrate how important music is to our nation and the critical role it has played during this pandemic. “

“While the announcement of the end of restrictions from July 19 was very welcome, there remains one final crucial piece to the puzzle: action on insurance.”

“Many more events are still at risk of being canceled, so we need the government to put in place an insurance plan that allows organizers to plan events with confidence into the fall and beyond. “

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