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Ajminur Oarish

Music is something that has been very close to everyone for centuries. It is believed to change the mood. We all have a playlist that activates countless emotions within us. Every time we listen to this playlist it brings us back to beautiful memories, even heartbreaking memories. In short, music can take you to another world. And we love to be there. Therefore, music plays a very important role in our life.

Everyone has their tastes, likes and dislikes when it comes to music. Some people like soft sounds, some people like pop, others like slow versions. It all depends on their mood. With music, that artist who sings or is involved in music becomes close to the audience because of his music. One of these rising stars of Bangladesh is Ajminur Oarish. He is a self-taught musical artist who started his career very young. With his talent and his magical voice, he has acquired a very famous image and popularity in Bangladesh. It is also gaining popularity around the world. Let’s see how he started. Just keep going and you will get an inspiring and motivating pack to jumpstart your career.

Ajminur Oarish, born September 2, 1994 in Koyra Upazila, Khulna, Bangladesh started his career at the age of 18. He was very passionate about singing from an early age. So he continues to train. He performed in various concerts, venues and platforms and gained popularity. He has uploaded his songs to various platforms such as Spotify, Google, Deezer, JioSaavn, Amazon, Apple Music and his official artist verified YouTube channel. He released his first solo soundtrack “Desperated Space” on Spotify. It was released on June 21, 2021 and became the reason for its identification.

Although he has posted the various songs and covers sung by him on his YouTube channels. But “Desperated Space” was the one that won him a lot of popularity. Ajminur himself was very affected by the music. So he wanted to create music that helps people feel better and wanted to improve their quality of life. With that in mind, he did what he wanted. He has created several soundtracks that help people reduce their frustration, anxiety and depression. That’s what earned him a following big fan. People around Bangladesh love to listen to his songs because it acts as a mental calming for them. This is how he won hearts. Now not in Bangladesh but in neighboring countries, Ajminur Oraish is recognized as a music star and entrepreneur.

Ajminur Oarish’s connection to music

Ajminur Oarish became a singer not because he only liked to sing or because he wanted to become rich and famous. Rather, he shares a deep connection with music. He knows the value of music in a person’s life and how it can change the mood. Therefore, his songs are moving. Due to such an amazing connection and knowledge of music, he became an outrageous composer, producer and music artist. Everything goes to its HARD WORK!

Popular songs of Ajminur Oarish

In addition to “Desperated Space” his other soundtracks include Kharnaphuli Timelapse, Private Motion, Pirates of Patenga, Heart of the cascade, Afraid of the sky, You’re the cute, Fish harbor, Breaking News 101, St. Martin’s Island , Beautiful Mermaid and The Great Wave. You can easily find these songs on Spotify, Pandora, Amazon Music, TikTok, Tidal, Triller, Snapchat, Audio Mack, iTunes, Apple Music, and various other online music streaming media.

Other Albums of Ajminur Oarish

Feelings of ecstasy, Careless Wave, Metalcore love, Let the music soothe your kiss from the back, Relaxing smiles, Everyone needs love, Everyone needs yesterday, Just a light and courageous love, Life Changing Feelings, Slow Tides, Soft Battle and Think Crash. After all these hit songs and albums, Ajminur is set to release their second album very soon. This album is “La merde de célibataire”. So, are you excited or not?

And did you listen to the songs mentioned above or not? Otherwise, you are surely missing something that deserves your attention. Listen now and you won’t regret it.

Ajminur Oarish – An Entrepreneur

Ajminur Oarish is an extremely talented human being. Besides being a singer, singer, producer, he is a talented entrepreneur and influencer. While working alone throughout his journey, he worked to acquire different skills. He invested his time in learning digital skills, networking, digital marketing and entrepreneurship, which led him to start his own digital business with a music production house. This company is called “Ajminur Oarish Music“in Bangladesh. Now he works for various clients across the world and provides them with outstanding service. Being able to learn such skills and possess them with your passion requires dedication and courage. Ajminur has these abilities and has so got what he wanted for life.

Ajminur Oarish is he not an inspiration for all young people? The way he has worked for his passion since he was a teenager. Then work on your different skills to develop an even more secure career. So what are your excuses for avoiding work?

Ajminur Oarish has proven that hard work pays off. Therefore, Ajminur is now a role model for many of his followers and returns the favor by creating exceptional music that touches their souls.


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