Nesco’s “Rangilo Re” Navratri Garba Festival with performer Parthiv Gohil and his team at the helm to ensure the best navratri experience in INDIA

Bombay (Maharashtra) [India], Sep 13 (ANI/PNN): Nesco Events presents Rangilo Re at Nesco Center, Goregaon East is a Garba event where garba lovers will have the opportunity to dance to the rhythms of Dandiya and the music of the extremely talented singer Parthiv Gohil. Navratri, one of the most popular and celebrated festivals in India, is fast approaching and Garba lovers can’t wait to dance to the rousing beats of dandiya and Garba music.

“Rangilo Re” has a great brand name under his belt who has been known since the year 2017 for organizing a remarkable and memorable Garba event by bringing to the table the joy of dancing on foot tapping to the rhythms of Dandiya while creating a space and an atmosphere like nowhere. other. “RANGILO RE” has made consistent and deliberate efforts to keep the essence of Gujarati culture alive among today’s audiences and to stimulate enthusiasm and add to the fun part, “RANGILO RE organizes themed Navratri for every 9 days with Parthiv Gohil and the team.A new and unique theme is assigned to each of the 9 days and hence Garba players have a choice to dress up and play the garba. One of the largest dance gatherings on Earth and lasts 9 nights, the combination of costumes, colors, dancing to the rhythm of drums and traditional music and festivities is eye-catching.

Young boys and girls dressed in colorful traditional costumes are a delight to watch. People of all age groups dance the night away. The spirit of this holiday is to celebrate the victory of good over evil. Devoted to Goddess Shakti, the Navratri festival during the garba event “RANGILO RE” is celebrated with gaiety and fervor. The main highlight of the nine-night festivity is the ‘garba’ folk dance. Every day of the festival at RANGILO RE begins with the performance of aarti. The whole festival atmosphere during the RANGILO RE event is joyful and exciting.

Rangilo re is a 9 day musical journey of the Navratri festival and its myriad offerings and is organized in such a way as to give you an unparalleled experience of music and dance enjoyment with around 15,000-17,000 Garba enthusiasts participating to the event and making it an interesting event. live. Top-notch artists and performers of Fraternity nake music know that every beat adds to the joy of Garba. RANGILO RE is a garba festival held in Bombay with the aim of showcasing colorful and breathtaking dance performances and other shades of Gujarati artistic culture and literature. The organizers of RANGILO RE also ensure that Garba lovers have a hassle-free dance experience by hosting the event in an air-conditioned (AC) dome to ensure the event runs smoothly as well as with ample space for parking participants did not have to cross unmanageable traffic after the event. All in all, RANGILO RE ensures that Garba lovers have an unforgettable experience of their beloved festival.

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