Musical Instrument Sales Rise During COVID-19 Pandemic



The pandemic causes many people to give up some of their favorite activities, but she also has many other hobbies such as playing musical instruments.

Musical instrument sales are skyrocketing across the country as people use their time at home to try something new. Stores are seeing more women and younger customers than ever before.

Guitar Center saw its total sales increase by 85% in August.

“Some of the categories we’ve seen in particular that have been really on the rise are acoustic guitars and keyboards,” said Karl Bracken, executive vice president of merchandising and private labels at Guitar Center. “Obviously people had these items on their bucket list as items they wanted to learn how to play.”

Guitar Center sales nearly doubled for keyboards, nearly tripled for acoustic guitars, and more than tripled for electronic drums, because learning something new involves a new chord.

Karen Mainenti hasn’t played a musical instrument since a bad second-grader violin recital, but that changed in May when a friend offered her a ukulele.

“It has been really meaningful to bring something new to my life when you see so many doors being closed,” Mainenti said.

It’s a welcome distraction in a world of uncertainty. The Manhattan artist now trains every day with weekly virtual classes.

“You don’t think about anything else, you literally think about where to move your fingers, what sound you hear, you know, what’s going on. And I think it’s a huge relief from those everyday thoughts of not knowing.” , Mainenti said.

Guitar Center has also seen an increase in sales of podcast equipment, from customers looking for ways to express themselves a little more publicly from inside their homes.


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