Musical artist Sam Sebree talks about industry tips for new artists


When you buy music online, your choices are much faster than in the store. Usually you know what you are looking for and in most cases you are looking for new music; your click-through rate is fast. People tend to click on what interests them even if it’s not what they would actually listen to, with that in mind artists need a way to stand out enough to be noticed. A sturdy pouch is an amazing way to do this.

In a recent pop-up interview with freelance artist Sam Sebree, we asked him a few questions that we think every artist looking to break the industry needs to hear.

Source: People tend to distribute and no longer through physical copies, would you say album art is still as important as it was 10 years ago?

Sam Sebrée: Excellent question! The album cover represents you, and is always there, from the casual listener to the super fan. Streaming has not removed the requirement for an album cover. It made it more meaningful. Plus, streaming hasn’t destroyed the need for album art. This made him more critical.

Source: Would you say artists need to start seeing themselves as a small business?

Sam Sebrée: Yeah absolutely. The more artists see themselves as business owners, the more they will be aware of their social perception beyond music. When it comes to their visual branding, their album art isn’t just the image on the front of their record anymore, it’s the face of their brand online. People tend to see before they have to listen, as with any product on the market, people tend to buy what is trendy and familiar.

Source: So, as far as streaming and listening, what you’re saying is that the visual aspect of any release is something that artists always have to go the extra mile?

Sam Sebrée: Totally, people can tell right away when the performers are slacking off during the deployment. Besides, why invest so much in a song or album without wrapping it right and helping it get the celebration it deserves?

Source: Thank you very much Sam for your insight, are there any final remarks you would like to share with the artists?

Sam Sebrée: Artists here is a quote I hope it will stay with you! “Your album cover is the friend that accompanies your music wherever it goes and the image that makes all the difference.“It’s a way to make your music special. It can help turn a collection of sounds into an experience. And on increasingly crowded deadlines, it’s a way to stand out from the crowd; because there is so much content out there, all you can try to do at this point is make people want to come to you so you’re not constantly chasing after you. This is why it is so essential that every aspect of your visuals and your brand be something exciting.

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