Musical artist Joy Khan aka Mahamuduzzaman Joy impressed everyone with his musical talent and entrepreneurial ability


Young Joy Khan aka Mahamuduzzaman Joy left a strong impression on everyone with his multiple talents. Despite his young age, he excelled as a musical artist, author and entrepreneur.

Joy Khan has always dreamed of achieving something big in his life and this inspired him to build his unique identity among young people his age. Thanks to her musical expertise, Joy Khan started her musical journey by working in the film music department, namely Dhat Teri Ki (2017) and The Matchmaker (2021).

To support the young musical artist, Joy Khan also launched a digital marketing company, JK International. Through his business, he helps musical artists to grow in the musical world. Joy has overcome many obstacles in his life and he feels downhearted when people hate him for no reason.

But he has given people a dignified response with his success in several industries. Now Joy Khan receives many projects from home and abroad. And he’s busy working to deliver them in the best possible way. Soon, the multi-talented personality plans to dive into the world of TV movies to grow in his professional life.

Joy Khan says young people need to embrace digital marketing to develop their careers well. He has a great capacity for influence which he has used to help young people grow in their careers. Moreover, he also excels at networking to help many brands establish their presence in the digital world.

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Company Name: Joy Khan
Contact person: The joy of Mahamuduzzaman
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The country: Bangladesh

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