Musical artist Hanna Shanar aka Hanzo sets new standards for musicians – UBJ – United Business Journal


Hanzo, born Hanna Shanar on August 8, 1998 in Houston, Texas, is a revolutionary musician who is setting new standards for aspiring musicians. Hanna, previously recognized for her other accolades, such as her production of a best-selling book and collaborations with nationally accredited educational institutions, has taken to music in her one-off album. The EP “Homeostasis” produced by Hanna Shanar, aka Hanzo, is a six track EP featuring the tracks Radiate, Moonwalk, Serenity, Daze, Voltaic and Illuminate. After a month of releasing this debut album in stores, Hanzo has already amassed over 65,000 unique monthly listeners and over 125,000 streams on Spotify alone. As a new artist, those numbers are CRAZY! Hanzo’s success is likely attributed to his wide social media following. With thousands of Instagram followers and hundreds of thousands of views on his reel videos, it’s no surprise that Hanzo’s album has been released. Perhaps the most interesting part of Hanzo is his other accomplishments. Besides being a musical sensation, he is also the author of a bestselling book, he graduated from college with a degree in biology, he is currently a medical student, he is a researcher thanks to collaborations with a nationally recognized medical school, and he created a label of millions of people, Rap Group Management. With all of these impressive accomplishments, it’s unique enough for Hanzo to begin his career as a respected musician. With a lot to look forward to, Hanna Shanar, also known by her artist name Hanzo, is expected to hit millions of streams on her album within a year. Hanzo teased collaborations, features and other artists signed to his label Rap Group Management via his Instagram page. Other sources of information, Hanzo grew up well equipped with musical talent. He played guitar and piano growing up, and also performed in talent shows throughout his youth. Hanzo wants to reach millions of people around the world with his music. Via Rap Group Management, Hanzo wants to spread health awareness in the hip-hop industry. This is probably one of the most determining factors for Hanzo’s entry into the music industry. His big step had an even greater impact. Hundreds of thousands of feeds in less than a month is no small feat, and there are thousands of engaged and enthusiastic users for the new version of Hanzo. With over 10,000 Spotify streams, it won’t be a shock if the next version of Hanzo hits hundreds of thousands of streams in a matter of days. This uniquely educated young star could be the next step in the music industry thanks to her international influence.


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