Music artist Michael Ramos is convinced his music can bring people together

Music is a form of entertainment that brings people together to play, sing and dance. Although the music has changed over the years, the goal has always remained the same: to share emotions and interact with others. DJ Michael Ramos is a DJ whose music aims to bring people together for a night to remember. He uses various musical genres and mixes to create a continuous track that gives the crowd an adrenaline rush.

Michael founded NuStyle Entertainment to market his DJ services as a legitimate business. He has hosted many events, from nightclubs to corporate meetings. His experience with crowds makes him an expert at creating buzz and keeping the party going all night long. Michael believes in the power of music which can bring people together and increase interaction. His musical style is different from other DJs as he aims to bring out the best in people through music.

NuStyle is a representation of Michael’s vision of DJing. His early years as a DJ weren’t easy as he suffered from financial complications. He had to do part-time jobs to earn money. Michael always had a creative mind filled with new ideas when he was a high school student. He discovered his passion for DJing thanks to his uncle and pursued a professional career there. DJing became his priority for Michael as he performed for many events in middle school and high school.

Michael is very passionate about DJing; he constantly seeks to improve his style by incorporating new genres and mixtures. NuStyle follows in Michael’s footsteps of self-improvement by meeting clients and implementing their suggestions for the event. Michael has been a DJ for many weddings; he sees DJing as a special part of the occasion to celebrate and rejoice. NuStyle is one of the best DJing companies in town.

Creativity and music go hand in hand. Music is something that can change perspective and bring hope to people. This aspect of music is what impressed Michael and inspired him to pursue his career in music. DJ Michael’s personal journey with music has made him who he is today. Now he believes it is his responsibility to use his unique musical style to give hope to the people around him.

NuStyle has grown into a successful business with 3 DJs, two animators and promoters under Michael’s leadership. His main goal with NuStyle is to revolutionize music through his style of DJing, to make a big name for himself in the industry.

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