Music artist “Kartel Lucchi” is taking over the entertainment industry

Nykolas Terrell Peppers but known professionally as “Kartel Lucchi” is a songwriter, hitmaker and entrepreneur born in Long Beach, California on September 22, 1984. Kartel Lucchi has mastered his own sound and localization in the ‘industry. Kartel Lucchi is a very dedicated and talented person who has been making music since he was 7 years old. Taking inspiration from his grandmother Martha B. Jackson, who worked at Elvis Presley in Memphis, TN, Kartel Lucchi knew what he wanted early in life.

In 2019, Kartel Lucchi arrived with his hit track which featured Doefficial. About a year and a half later he then released his other single which was a huge hit. Already looking towards 2022, Kartel Lucchi has just released his latest single, available on all platforms. Kartel Lucchi has also launched its own clothing line. With mentors such as his father and brother, Kartel Lucchi continues to drive his movement forward.

Kartel Lucchi announced that he is also working on many new NFT projects. Kartel Lucchi can be found on just about any social media platform. Kartel Lucchi has many new projects in the works for all of us, so stay tuned to what he’s up to.

Kartel’s perseverance throughout his life is attributed to a single quote. “When I thought about giving up, I thought about those people around me who were supporting me and putting in all that effort. I just knew I couldn’t let them down.

Kartel Lucchi is very passionate in his entertainment endeavors. He has the talent as well as the hard work and dedication. Kartel Lucchi is a man of his word and he is ready to do anything to succeed. He turns his dreams into reality one day at a time.

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