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Kavish Seth is not your usual musician. Not after successfully patenting a musical instrument called Noori, which can play polyphonic and also monophonic music or chords. It can produce a punchy sound like a djembe and has resonant strings called “Tarabein”, which are used to set the mood for a raag.

The patent issued by the Indian Government’s Intellectual Property India, Indian Patent Advanced Search Systems, was filed a few days ago.

Speaking of which, the 28-year-old musician, who is also an IITian, ​​says, “My vision was to bring music and musicians from all over the world together. And with Noori, any artist from any music school can play their music on it. It also allows for a harmonious collaboration between artists from different music schools. For example, a guitar does not match well with a sarod or a sitar, because they do not play microtons / shrutis; likewise, you cannot play chords on sarod. But my instrument transcends these limits. You can play in all three music schools, be it Indian Classical Music, Western Music, and Arabic Music. ”

Kavish, who is the son of Kavita Seth (Iktara and Tum Hi Ho Bandhu fame), has always been surrounded by music. His collaborations with folk artists and classical musicians across the country have taught him a lot about music. The musician started working on his musical invention about four years ago and has since released three versions.

He explains: “The first Noori was made with Nizamuddin Niyazi ji, who died last year. The instrument was named Nizam Noori after him. However, there was still a lot to do with the instrument, so I started working on it to help it play and sound better. Later, the second and third Noori were made with Gous Ahmadsaab Sitarmaker ji from Miraj.

Some other Indians who have created their own musical instruments:

Niladri Kumar – Zitar

Subhasis Ghosh – Chhar Tarang

Akshay Vaidyanathan – Carbon Fiber Chitravina

Dr Vidyadhar Oke – 22 notes harmonium

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