Mictic portable musical instrument opens office in LA


Los Angeles, California, January 12, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Mictic AG, the Swiss startup behind a new immersive and portable musical instrument, has opened an office in Southern California to maximize relationships with the heart of the entertainment and tech industries. The Extended Reality (XR) experience is the perfect tool for performers of all skill levels, from stars looking for the next way to get fans excited at arena-sized concerts, to TikTok teens who become viral. The new office, located in Santa Monica, will expand relationships with distributors, talent and other partners in the music industry, Hollywood, social media and technology.

“Mictic has harnessed Swiss ingenuity, design and precision to create an incredible experience,” said Mershad Javan, CEO of Mictic AG. “Now, it’s time to connect this technology with artists and influencers in LA, and create a foundation for our ongoing discussions with key technology partners. “

Javan was based in Zurich with Mictic after years on the startup scene in Orange County, Calif. Which included the successful sale of digital music distribution giant MondoTunes (now known as Octiive) to Anakando Media Group. MondoTunes has been able to establish its reach through strategic partnerships with Universal Music Group, Chinese Tencent and other companies. From now on, Javan will split his time between Switzerland and California and form the LA team, including Mictic’s marketing and customer service departments in the United States.

Mictic bracelets communicate with the user’s smartphone via Bluetooth, allowing gestures to be translated into musical tones, textures and sound effects in real time. It is the only portable device that is a real musical instrument, rather than an instrument control tool. The movements are easy to master for beginners and present inspiring challenges for professionals.

Invented by Rolf hellat, the product is expected to hit the market in June 2021, with popular musical instruments built-in such as guitar, piano, drums and strings as well as genre-focused soundscapes such as EDM, hip hop old school, trap and metal. New instruments and sounds, including those developed with partner artists and brands, will be added through frequent product updates.

Javan will also be speaking about wearables and the music industry via virtual reality at the Music, Technology & Gaming event AltSpace of conference partner CES DreamlandXR on January 14. (More info here.)

For more information or to arrange a remote demonstration and interview, contact: [email protected]

About Mictic AG: Mictic AG is a fast growing startup founded in Zurich by Rolf Hellat in 2018. The company aspires to develop innovative musical experiences, using technology in ways that profoundly change the way people interact with music. For more information and to be part of the next music revolution, visit mictic.com.

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