Meet Rico Hunte – Panist, Arranger, Educator and Performer



His passion for Pan burns as fiercely as for hip hop through rhyme; life experiences find unabashed and sharp expression through verse and rhythm. Rico Hunte pursues a shameless musical mission and includes the steelpan in its place – naturally in sync with other “conventional” instruments. He proudly traces and walks his own path, without compromising his art for a rapid quest for popularity. To his heart,
CASYM [Steel Orchestra]; Hunte, in his own words, tells his story to this day.

Rico hunte

Rico hunte

On the mix of Pan and Hip hop Rico says “I like where it’s going. Pan has been in hiding for so long – out there for so long. And Pan was, like that kind of percussion instrument that people really don’t know. And now that it’s starting to come out, I’m happy with it.

Of Kendrick Lamar winning a Pulitzer, Rico says: “I was a little surprised. Hip hop is still considered that forbidden “gangsta” thing and it is not. There are so many different types of Hip Hop music … ”

And to drive the point home —- none other than the famous paniste
Duvone Stewart
is featured on his track “LOVE’S A BITCH”.

Listen to RICO (Respect – Intelligence – Cynical and Exceptional) Hunte in his own words, UpClose!



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