Meet Ravi Ranjan Kumar; The emerging musical artist everyone is talking about

Society likes to box people and label them, in such circumstances people are not allowed to be dynamic, they have to exist as one-dimensional perception. But some aren’t afraid to take the leap and put in the work to transcend expectations.

Ravi Ranjan Kumar, 19, is Patna’s lead digital marketer and someone with his level of success could easily continue to work in this field, but Ravi had a broader vision and took on many ventures alongside Digipreneur. He is a beat artist and influencer and has established a network in the industry through which he has collaborated with several video creators. He has amassed over 160,000 followers on Instagram and over 20,000 followers on Facebook. The social media sensation has an unwavering determination and passion for everything he does and therefore creates great results.

You can consider Ravi Ranjan Kumar to be a jack-of-all-trades, not only is he a successful Digipreneur, Musician and Influencer, but he also runs a beloved food blog, Patna’s Cry Page on Instagram and manages the social media accounts of many of India’s superstars. With such a hectic life, Ravi still manages his time to focus on his higher studies and is currently pursuing an undergraduate degree in BCA.

His songs Flavors of Patna, Libra Tune and Trap Beat all received positive reception and became hits in their own right.

Ravi is also an experienced social media expert and runs his own company -Grow Experts. Through Grow Experts, Ravi has worked with tons of big names and helped them with social media marketing, digital promotions, and PR.

It’s not easy to run a successful business, to be a freelance artist, influencer and full-time student – it takes a lot of power, skills, abilities and enthusiasm. Ravi Ranjan Kumar is a great role model for anyone who looks up to him, he has proven time and time again that age is just a number and those numbers can’t stop you from achieving your goals. He believes that if you have the ability and are passionate about your goals, you are the true king of your own dreams.

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