Meet Mohammed Abdullah AL Mahmoodi: an astute singer, performer, life coach and motivational speaker.


There have been many different success stories of people who are doing extremely well in their respective fields. Developing and mastering the art in one field / industry was the trend back then, today you will see countless numbers of spirited individuals flourish into a full set and hone their skills and expertise in various industries. We met one of those “jack of all trades” who worked his way to the top in many different fields while excelling in each of them and exuding talent, genius and passion. , Mohammed Abdullah AL Mahmoodi.

Mohammed Abdullah AL Mahmoodi is an aspiring young talent from Dubai, UAE who proves his prowess as a true professional in many different industries and is an established singer, performer, life coach and motivational speaker. Well, this professional wellness ace has already helped thousands of people with his vast knowledge and consultations which have resulted in the desired results needed. With a goal and a vision to drive positive changes in people’s lives, Mohammed Abdullah AL Mahmoodi wanted to add more value through his knowledge and teachings. Having already transformed thousands of lives, he feels a great sense of fulfillment and enlightenment that he could help people sort out their problems in life. His coaching, training and counseling methods have been very helpful and effective in creating a positive attitude in clients’ lives which in turn has propagated a great level of joy, happiness and happiness.

In addition to this, Mohammed Abdullah AL Mahmoodi is also an inspiring musical artist and an amazing singer and performer. Being inclined to music from childhood, he always wanted to make a career out of it and break free on the bigger platform. Today, her haunting and talented voice is loved not only by millions of audiences and listeners, but also by her industry peers. Some of his hugely successful tracks are available on Spotify (

Making giant strides in the entertainment industry, Mohammed Abdullah AL Mahmoodi continues to rise as a prolific singer and performer and also vouches to help millions of people through his life coaching and consultations. Follow him on Instagram @ 1heroonly for more details.

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