Meet Khan Cordice – director, educator, entertainer and arranger


First entering the steelband arranging arena in 2008 because it was “a requirement of the CXC (Caribbean Examination Council)” for his music exams, he is now a respected educator in his own right. While continuing as a performing artist, Khan Cordice runs the music program at one of the educational institutions – Clare Hall High School where he is the acting department head – in his twin island country of ‘Antigua and Barbuda; and so the journey of this multi-talented individual evolves and continues to amaze.

Khan Cordice
Khan Cordice

Even at a younger age, Khan’s talent was set in stone, when as a teenager he surpassed seasoned musicians in the field of arrangement in the

Pan’s moods
festival in his country in 2008, triumphing that evening. Months later, he continued to rehearse his winning ways and garner more accolades in the even larger annual steelband music competition known as “Panorama”.

And so it was that as an already established performer and champion of making his mark in musical arrangement, Khan Cordice joined the student body at the St. Augustine campus of the University of the West Indies in Trinidad. He obtained his baccalaureate there and chose

University of Northern Illinois
for his masters, while returning home each year to organize the Hells Gate Steel Orchestra of over 120 members, continuing to accumulate championship titles along the way. Not to be overlooked, first class honors and more were also his rewards along his path to enlightenment.

Now, with the formalities (music degrees) under his belt and an even wider worldview of music at his disposal, a humble but quietly confident Khan Cordice is about to change the world – an initiative, and a student. both in his country, sharing his knowledge and experience. At the same time, his evolution as an extraordinary artist and musician maintains, unfolds, one note at a time. Here’s her story – so far… in the WST live interview.


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