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Jannat as a growing Punjabi singer and music artist shows her A game in her craft

Meet Jannat, very promising as a young singer and musical artist

Posted on October 25, 2021

His latest song, “Thoda Thoda Hassi”, will be released on October 22, 2021.

Among the many industries that continuously shine every day, the boom in the music space has garnered all the attention, and rightly so, for the kind of talent it has spawned and continues to do. These talented beings, including musicians, singers, rappers, lyricists, producers, and more, all inject the energy and passion needed to take the industry to the next level of growth and success and spark a wave of good change. in the industry with their unique talents. Jannat, aka Jannatpreet Kaur, does just that in several ways and shines stronger as a young musical talent.

Are you wondering who Jannatpreet Kaur is? Let us tell you that she exudes all the qualities and virtues to become the next best artist in the Punjab music industry and that she has great promise to become huge even in Bollywood as a singer, lyricist and music artist. She confessed that music was something that from childhood she felt a part of and also helped her find her sense of joy and peace. This motivated her to work on her musical skills early on, which ultimately led her to become the ace singer and lyricist she is today.

Currently, she is very excited about her next song titled “Thoda Thoda Hassi”, which will be released on October 22, 2021, produced by Iqbal Sandhu, under her company, Shine Production. She looks mesmerizing in the song’s promotional poster and has already made her fans gaga over her looks. Punjab listeners and music lovers can’t wait for his new song to be dropped, and Jannat is also looking forward to the same.
The young singer and lyricist has reached many fans and followers over the years and continues to earn more steadily, thanks to her hard work, determination, passion and perseverance that she has worked with and will continue to work with in the future. .

To find out more, follow her on Instagram Id – @ im_jannat19

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