Meet Amdadul Hoque Rana: A Popular Music Artist and Entrepreneur

Today we are going to talk about a 21-year-old musical artist and digital creator, Amdadul Hoque Rana. In today’s world, we all know the importance of free piano sheet music and digital marketing. Digital Marketer helps brands and influencers grow. Amdadul Hoque Rana is one of the most popular digital marketers and musicians. He is a marketing expert and social media activist and meme creator by profession.

Amdadul Hoque Rana thinks “it’s either my way or the highway”. He has created a lot of meaningful and authentic content for his audience. According to him, passion comes from within and you have to be passionate enough to do something meaningful in life. He has traveled to many places in the country and collaborated with many well-known brands for social media campaigns. The campaigns he works on mostly have high ROI and he loves being a social media influencer and campaign builder.

Amdadul Hoque Rana has also helped some international clients and brands to grow their social media business through Instagram marketing. It will also feature video content and is currently working on it. Additionally, he plans to set up his own digital agency within the coming year, offering all services to his clients, from image creation to branding to building his presence on the social networks.

He said: “I believe in taking things step by step. Everything takes time. I discovered my passion as an influencer while working as a marketer. Social media is the best way to help brands grow faster and make money from it. I always had a humorous side which I started to show through the memes I created. It’s surreal to be able to help people grow as a brand. »

Here is a lot of success and fame to come for Amdadul Hoque Rana and we can’t wait for the launch of his new digital agency. Do not hesitate to follow him on Facebook “Amdadul Hoque Rana”

Amdadul Hoque Rana Said,

“I’ve worked with many production houses, but now it’s time to work on my own YouTube channel.”

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