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Beyoncé will need to beat more concert tickets, produce more albums, and make additional movie cameos if she is to catch up with Madonna and Lady Gaga and earn as much as them.

The American pop star is far behind the other two iconic singers in the crown of the highest paid musician on the planet, and Madonna can say that she remains the true financial queen of the music world by taking the first place with of American revenues. $ 125million (£ 77million), according to Forbes.

The rich list of top-earning music stars compiled by the American publication places Lady Gaga in second place with earnings of US $ 80 million (£ 49.6 million), while Beyoncé is at the bottom of the line. ninth place with an estimated income of US $ 53million (£ 32.9million) – a figure that even places her behind Taylor Swift, who earns US $ 55million (£ 34.1million).

The best black numbers

Nonetheless, Beyoncé deserves credit, as the adult woman The singer is the only black music group in the top 10 that includes four female solo stars, four male solo singers and two groups.

Surprisingly, Beyoncé’s husband Jay Z, famous for his entrepreneurial interests, only ranks at number 18, while P Diddy is the best-placed black man on the list claiming 11th place.

The rankings only took into account living artists and calculated the pre-tax income earned between June 1, 2012 and June 1, 2013.

The complete top ten:

1. Madonna – $ 125million (£ 77million)

2. Lady Gaga – $ 80million (£ 49.6million)

3. Bon Jovi – $ 79million (£ 49million)

4. Toby Keith – US $ 65 million (£ 40.3 million)

5. Coldplay – $ 64million (£ 39.7million)

6. Justin Bieber – $ 58million (£ 36million)

7. Taylor Swift – $ 55million (£ 34.1million)

8. Elton John – $ 54million (£ 33.5million)

9. Beyoncé – $ 53million (£ 32.9million)

10. Kenny Chesney – $ 53million (£ 32.9million)

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