Maddy Walsh hosts album release show to raise artists’ fair wages as live music returns


ITHACA, NY – Prominent local musician Maddy Walsh will host and present a show at the Hangar Theater this week, as part of an album release event designed to serve as a kind of “welcome” to live music productions that have been largely crippled by public assembly rules and COVID-19 warning since March 2020.

Doors open at 7 p.m. and the show begins at 8 p.m. on November 6, with three sets of musical performances and a short film. Walsh, well known for her music as part of Maddy Walsh & The Blind Spots, will present her new solo album, Man made thing.

Although considered a solo album, Man made thing is also a collaboration with Walsh’s partner and band co-founder Mike Suave as well as producer Steven Dewey. Man made thing was completed before the start of the pandemic, but Walsh and Suave wanted to broadcast it in a live show in front of an audience, and this event signifies that luck.

“We both worked really hard on it, to bring it together. There are a lot of moving parts. It’s a pretty ambitious project, ”said Walsh.

Other local musicians will also perform at the event. Walsh also brought together a regional group of eight Ithaca musicians including Michael Wu of The Gunpoets, Jennifer Middaugh of The Sim Redmond Band, Ayurveda guitarist Diwas Gurung, Noon Fifteen’s Sam Lupowitz, vocalist Bronwen Exter and drummer Sam Fishman. , as well as other “special guests.”

Throughout his career, Walsh has performed regularly for charity and fundraising events. And now, at a pivotal time for many creative professionals, Walsh is once again committed to his community. Along with Suave, she is using the upcoming show as a way to repay a fair wage to band members as well as the production crew who lost due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“It’s not just musicians who have been hit hard financially by the pandemic. It’s everyone in the industry. Sound and light people, management, promoters and organizers. Anyone who operates under the umbrella of the music industry. Just anyone whose livelihood depends on bringing people together, ”Walsh said.

“Because it was the release of my solo album, I wanted to take this opportunity to pay a fair wage to musicians and all those people in the music industry,” she added. But it’s not something she can do on her own.

Walsh and Suave continue to seek sponsorships to support their cause. The two don’t expect to benefit directly from ticket sales, but instead hope to be paid through album sales on the night of the show. The event is now 61 percent funded as of November 2.

“Because I had to wait a year and a half to release this record, I wanted to push everything,” Walsh said. “We do a big production, we bring a film crew and we hired this fantastic group. So we want to pay everyone. I didn’t want to cut corners, but I also wanted to keep ticket prices affordable.

So far, Walsh and Suave have received support from Firelight Camps, Hector Handmade, La Tourelle, Stone Post Vineyard, Veterans for Climate Justice, ARQ Barn, Hopshire Farm & Brewery, Maguire Family of Dealerships, Yaman Real Estate, GrassRoots Festival of Music and Dance and Buffalo Street Books. If an individual or business wishes to sponsor them, they are open to outreach (at [email protected]).

The show is also intended as a way to bring creatives together after a period of separation and tumultuous change. Despite Man made thing Being produced before the onset of the pandemic, its themes revolving around conflicting perspectives on humanity have become even more relevant to a world that is slowly recovering from health.

“I worked on the theme of the juxtaposition between my lifelong hope for humanity and our capacity for kindness, and my disappointment in people and my disillusionment with our choices,” Walsh said. “I think most of the songs on the album overlap with that conflict. Trying to stay positive, trying to keep hope, keep faith in people while acknowledging all the crazy things we do.

Maddy Walsh Album Release Event

Saturday 6 November

Doors at 7 p.m., show at 8 p.m.

Hangar theater

Tickets available here

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