Live music could be back next month, as Carlow Kilkenny-area artist says the industry lags behind everyone else


The majority of Covid-19 restrictions will end on October 22 according to plans before Cabinet this afternoon.

Ministers will meet this midday to approve the roadmap, which is due to come into effect next week.

Last night, high-level ministers and health officials met to review the timelines and it is understood that, according to their proposals, the first easing would come into effect on September 6.

This would see the return of larger crowds at events such as concerts and outdoor sports matches.

However, 75% of the capacity of an outdoor site would be reserved for vaccinated people.

Communions and confirmations would also be authorized from that date.

The second significant easing would take place on September 20.

This would see workers returning to offices gradually, as well as easing restrictions on smaller-scale activities like bowling and indoor sports.

The proposed roadmap would see final restrictions lifted by October 22 and the country would move to a personal accountability model.

However, the wearing of the mask would remain in certain circles.

The plan comes with the caveat that the Covid numbers remain manageable.

Local artist Tomas Jackman on The Way It Is last night described the challenges his industry faces and says they seem to lag behind everyone else:

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