Lindsey Stirling arrives in Columbus

Don’t expect a gloomy, enlightened violinist when Lindsey Stirling performs.

“My shows always have really fun costume changes and props, and we’ve built this brand new set, a very whimsical setting,” said the 35-year-old violinist, songwriter and dancer, speaking by phone from Los Angeles. .

“But what’s new this year is that two of my dancers and I have aerial training, so we’re going to be doing trapeze and lyra (aerial hoop). We’ve been working hard enough to increase our strength and flexibility so that we can do these tricks, and it’s all starting to fall into place. In one of the aerial acts, I’ll play the violin while I’m in the air, and in another, I’ll sing, ”she said.

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This combination of aerial work and musical performance does not come quite naturally.

“It always seems so impossible at first,” she said. “You have to learn the two things on their own so that they start to become one, through clumsy practice. There’s always that point where you start to combine the two, and it’s like, ‘Aghhh! It’s embarrassing, embarrassing and terrible. ‘ Then all of a sudden the two things start to build muscle memory throughout your body, and that’s when it works.

Lindsey Stirling will bring the magic of Christmas to the Columbus stage

She will also be doing other earthly Christmas numbers on the show, which present their own challenges.

“You have to make them familiar, but you have to make them stand out. Everyone and their dog are making a Christmas album these days, ”she said. “I have the wonderful luxury that my project will automatically be different because it is mainly instrumental. There is a fantasy in my music. I always think to myself, how do we make that sound magical? How do we make it feel like dancing? “

The violin helps in this quest.

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“I think the violin has so much emotion in it. And Christmas is all about emotion, whether it’s people who are feeling witty or jovial and happy or nostalgic. There is nothing better to bring out these emotions than the violin, ”she said.

She is not one of those artists who does not choose their favorite songs.

“I love ‘Carol of the Bells’,” she said. “I worked really hard to make this the best song on the Christmas album. And then I did the bonus tracks for the album, and ‘I Wonder As I Wander’ became my favorite.

Stirling moves away from the theater to write autobiographies, comics

Stirling, not one to limit himself to one medium, wrote an autobiography, “The One Party Pirate,” in 2017.

In 2019, she branched out to write a six-comic book series, based on her latest album, “Artemis”.

“While I was making the album, I was trying to figure out what the theme and the guideline was, and I really liked the symbolism that the moon represents,” she said.

“The more I looked at Artemis, who is the moon goddess, the more I became interested in her, and before I knew it I had started to develop a story in my head of this goddess and where she came from and why the moon goes in phases and is sometimes strong and sometimes weak.

“I started to think, this is more than an album, it’s a whole story. So it was fun making the album almost a soundtrack theme for these different points in all of the story. . “

Stirling is not yet short of ideas.

“I have projects that I am writing for film and television, and I hope they get the green light,” she said. “If so, that’s what I’ll be working on a lot next year. Otherwise, everything is fine, I will be working on a rock album. I have plans.

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In one look

Lindsey Stirling will perform at 7:30 p.m. on December 8 at the Palace Theater, 34 W. Broad St. Masks and proof of vaccination or a negative COVID test are required. Tickets: $ 48.63 to $ 103.75. VIP tickets also available. (514-469-0939,

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