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Sometimes not too far into the future, pressing your vehicle’s horn can trigger sounds that you might only expect to hear while listening to a classic song. In a reiteration of a proposal he made some time ago, Union Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari said on Monday that the government plans to pass a new law, under which only sounds of Indian musical instruments – such as the tabla, flute, sitar and more – can be used for vehicle horns, with the aim of reducing noise pollution levels in Indian cities.

“I am studying this and soon plan to make a law that the horns of all vehicles must be in Indian musical instruments so that they are pleasant to hear. Flute, tabla, violin, mouth organ, harmonium,” Gadkari said.

Once the law is passed, all vehicle horns will only emit sounds of Indian musical instruments. Image: IAM Roadsmart and Vinit Kumar via Pixabay

Speaking at a highway opening ceremony, Gadkari said he was also studying the sirens used by ambulances and police vehicles and would replace them with a more pleasant melody broadcast on All India radio.

Gadkari said he has put an end to the red beacons. “Now I also want to put an end to these sirens. Now I study sirens (used by) ambulances and police.”

“An artist composed an Akashwani (All India Radio) tune, and it was played early in the morning. I am thinking of using that tune for ambulances to make people feel good. It’s so irritating, especially after the passage of ministers, the sirens are used at full volume, which also harms the ears.

Currently, the noise range for most vehicle horns is currently set between 93 decibels (dB) and 112 dB. With the number of vehicles on the road increasing daily, putting up with incessant honking has become an integral part of every daily commute for the average Indian motorist, but it remains to be seen if this new idea can solve a widespread problem.

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