Kia launches branded musical instrument

Kia hopes to ignite people’s creativity with a brand new musical instrument that takes advantage of pink noise and natural recordings.

To promote the Kia Instruments—a plug-in downloadable on Windows or macOSX—the automaker has launched a designer contest with SoundCloud inviting artists to write and record a song for a chance to soundtrack the brand’s upcoming global advertising campaign.

Kia has captured natural sounds of movement including those of the Cheonggyecheon River in Korea, winds in the Sahara Desert, beach waves in Scotland, birds and rain falling in the Amazon rainforest. Working with DaHouse Audio and synth builder Arthur Joly, Kia turned the sounds into an instrument which it also used to develop a new sound logo, “Kia: Movement That Inspires”, as well as welcome and welcome sounds. goodbye to his all-electric Kia. EV6 vehicle.

The automaker has also recruited up-and-coming artists to create a four-track album using the tool. All of the tracks created followed neuroscientific metrics covering beats per minute, harmonic progressions, melodic intervals and texture, Kia said. The compositions were then tested in the laboratory on people’s brains using EEG equipment.

In a two minute spot detailing behind the scenes of the musical instrument, Kathrine Templar Lewis, creative scientist and futurist, said:

“We found that people were more creative when they listened to the songs…you could see increased alpha and theta power, seen brainwave coherence, and increased connectivity, especially connecting the occipital and frontal parts of the brain, where our emotional control center is located, and areas related to increased creativity and flow states.

The Kia instrument has a touch-sensitive keyboard that lets you play as you go. You can create endless patterns, record your loops, play them back in real time, and modulate sounds with the dials. Plus, key buttons light up when playing, providing quick visual orientation.

Kia has teamed up with SoundCloud to host a creator contest promoting its new tool. To enter, fans must create a completely original song using the sounds of the Kia instrument. The winning entry will take home $5,000 cash, have their music featured in a global Kia advertising campaign, and be part of SoundCloud marketing and video content. Kia is accepting entries until May 10.

The activation comes as Kia and live music and entertainment venue the Forum announced that the latter will be known as Kia Forums, marking the first naming rights deal in the United States for the automaker. The Kia Forum will include new exterior and interior signage, the installation of electric vehicle charging stations and displays of Kia vehicles from the EV6 onwards. The creation of the “Kia Club”, an exclusive reception lounge for the enjoyment of car and music lovers, is also in preparation.

More recently, Kia’s marketing efforts have been rewarded with two awards. Its “Movement That Inspires” broadcast campaign, a key part of the automaker’s new brand identity in the United States, was named Best Non-Luxury Automotive Campaign of 2021 by EDO and its “Times Square Takeover” for the Kia EV6 was awarded “Best Interactive Execution or Campaign” by MediaPost.

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