Kanye West brings musical instrument with extras


Singer Kanye West is asking $ 200 US (around € 170) for his latest artwork, dubbed “Donda Stem Player”. according to Official site The beige-colored device, shaped like a tablet, is equipped with a headset and Bluetooth support. In addition, the unusual audio hardware offers a USB-C interface, volume controls on the side and 8 GB of memory. The integrated amplifiers are of course also included. They should play specially modified songs. like the edge It should be created using four tactile LEDs located on the front of the device. A short video appeared on Twitter:

According to the product description, the device allows users, among other things, to isolate song tracks, add effects and divide songs into trunks. These are collections of audio files responsible for vocals and bass, for example. Additionally, creators need to be able to iterate, adjust the pace, and share their mix with others. There is also the fact that, according to the website, the device plays a wide range of audio formats. In turn, he receives software updates through his Internet browser. The manufacturer of the Donda Stem Player is the electronics company Kano, which developed the device in cooperation with the western brand Yeezy Tech.

It’s still unclear when exactly the pre-order devices will launch in the US and Britain. The description just says “Summer 2021”. Since fans are supposed to receive West’s new album “Donda” on the device for free, that moment could be soon. According to the iTunes Store, the download is expected to be available from September 5, 2021.

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