John Legend advises a street artist to sing “All of me”


A street musician by the name of Radha rao had a performance, unlike any other on Sunday night. Rao played the piano and sang “All of me” from John legend outside Faneuil Hall in Boston when she noticed he was in the small listening crowd. The Grammy Award-winning singer was visiting the venue with his family before his performance at the Orpheum when he bumped into Rao singing. The performance impressed him and he hugged and tipped the 22-year-old artist. The legend wore a mask and Rao had no idea he was in town before the one-time chance encounter. She shared photos and videos of the experience on Instagram and said it felt like “a mixture of divine timing and luck”.

Naturally, Rao admitted to being nervous when Legend removed his mask. She told the Boston Globe that she didn’t want to lose confidence and finished the song that is part of her two-hour set. She said that once she was done he expressed his feelings about her voice, the performance and her gratitude. “I really respect his art and his dedication, and, you know, the way he’s been able to move and impact others,” said the 22-year-old. “[I’ve] always loved “All of Me”. Of course, it’s not that recent to the song anymore, but I feel like it’s a timeless classic at this point.

The Boston University alum has regularly performed a mix of covers and original songs at Faneuil Hall on weekends since August. “A lot of people tend to ask, ‘Did you play him because he was there? “And the answer is no,” Rao said. “I was playing it, and then it popped up after I started the song, so it was a pretty shocking experience.”

Rao was also able to see his wife Chrissy Teigen: “At first, I didn’t really recognize it was him. It looked a lot like him, but he was wearing a mask. And then he took off his mask and his kids were there, and [Christy Teigen, his wife] was there, ”she told The Globe.

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