J & K’s Srinagar youth revives the old musical instrument ‘Rabab’


Adnan Manzoor, 21, is a boy from the Bemina area of ​​Srinagar (J&K) and is an artist who set out to discover an ancient musical instrument called “Rabab”.

Rabab is one of the oldest musical instruments in Kashmir, and it is believed to have been invented in Afghanistan and later brought to Indian Kashmir. It is generally used to produce all types of music in Kashmir.

Adnan Manzoor, a 21-year-old boy from the Bemina region of Srinagar, is one of those artists who decided to revive the old instrument of the Rabab valley, making it more accessible to young people through platforms of digital media.

Speaking to Republic Media Network, Adnan said, “I am an engineering student at the University of Kashmir, I started to learn the art of playing the instrument from famous musician Irfan Bilal at age 15 years old.


With the constant unrest in the valley, Kashmiri music and its performers have been declining for many decades now. Music albums and songs haven’t been released in years. People who practiced music as a full-time profession were on the verge of giving up, and some even did. Yet there is now a glimmer of hope, as a young boy, despite everything, takes small steps to save and revive what is lost.

He also added that he has participated in several concerts and live music events across the country. He also worked with musician Himesh Reshammiya and is currently working on a new project with Zee Music.

Adnan says playing the Rabab brings peace and serenity to his soul.

“The rabab is the nicest instrument. People love it. It is part of the traditional music of the valley,” Adnan told Republic Media Network.


“I think that over time things change, as does the trend of music in our valley. People are now interested in learning music and instruments. Many young people are already making it their profession.” , did he declare.

Sharing his knowledge about Rabab, Adnan said that the three main chains of Rabab and the body are made up of goat’s intestine and skin.

“It means that the instrument carries someone’s soul, which is why it is called Rabab,” he said.


He added that Rabab is used in Bollywood these days, although it hasn’t been in the past.

“I hope I can one day make Rabab known to the whole world. I will continue my work with more dedication and hard work, which will certainly lead to success,” Adnan concluded.

Story by: Arawat Mehraj

Image: Republic of the World

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