Introducing Ruti Gomes, Rising Music Artist, Producer and Nutritionist

According to research, music and exercise make such a great team. Music has a lot of effect when it comes to working out. It helps distract people from pain and fatigue, improves mood, increases endurance, reduces perceived exertion, and may even support metabolic efficiency. Reports indicate that when listening to music while exercising, running, biking, or swimming, people have been noticed to run farther, cycle longer, and swim faster than usual, often without realising it. So, inspired by creating music for gym goers, Ruti Gomes is a multi-talented woman who is a renowned hip-hop artist, producer and nutritionist by profession.

Originally from Brazil, Ruti has always been involved in music since childhood. Listening to electronic music, she immediately found her love for hip hop and rap. She started working on her music while improving her skills. But unfortunately, she had to give up her music career when she had to choose one of three careers – music artist, nutritionist and music producer because according to society, one cannot be successful if he excels in more than one profession. . It was quite a difficult decision for Ruti. In her college, she majored in nutrition and became one of the renowned nutritionists. But deep in her heart, she wanted to follow her passion for music and shine in the field as well. So, she decided to smash the old beliefs and come to terms with her dream of being a music producer with her love for a life of fitness.

His debut as a musical artist was a great success. His songs were viral among gym goers. According to his listeners, his music is quite beautiful with an upbeat tempo that motivates gym-goers to push themselves through their intense workout. Some of his workout hits are Dance Corporate Gym, Villain at the Gym, Fitness Gym, Energetic Retro Gym, and Metal at the Academy. Don’t forget to add them to your workout playlist!

Her story is an inspiration to all young people who want to pursue multiple career options. Ruti Gomes paved the way for anyone who wants to achieve all their dreams. So, through hard work and self-confidence, Ruti Gomes was able to establish herself as a sensational hip hop artist and a well-known nutritionist in the industry. We wish good luck to Ruti Gomes for her next singles!

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