Inspirational musical artist returns to romantic era with new debut single

Guillaume Mauri Manuel – Compassion

Romantic song

Guillaume Mauri Manuel – Is Beauty Love

Coat of arms of the Guillaume Mauri Manuel family

Coat of arms of the Guillaume Mauri Manuel family

My country. My heart.

MESA, ARIZONA, USA, November 18, 2021 / – “Omnia vincit amor, et nos cedamus amori;
Love triumphs over all things; let us give in to love ҉ۥVirgil.

A nice gesture that arouses interest for a moment of passion. A heat that warms connected hearts. A special love that touches everyone at all times. It is compassionate love. This is the expressive feeling that artist Guillaume Mauri Manuel had when he produced the romantic song: “Compassion”.

From a town in old Spain called Tarazona, William’s descendants were driven out in 1492 by the inquisition. His family name has lost its connection to his home and nationality. This new musical romance is a way for Guillaume to reconnect with his family lost in Spain. In 2013, the Spanish Minister of Justice, Alberto Ruizo-Gallardon, declared: “During the long journey that Spain has taken to rediscover a part of itself. This missing part is all these Spanish nationals who were driven out in 1492. Perhaps this is the reason why this new version of William is so passionate. A return trip to his home country could be a possibility in the near future.

The reason why Guillaume says: “My country is my heart. But from 2008 to 2014, his former country, Spain, experienced an economic crisis. Hopefully things will change. With the coat of arms of the Guillaume family, and the nobility. His house is never far away. Your home is where your heart is. A saying of Pliny the Elder. Music is a way to bring a heart home. Some may think that beauty is love, as if the heart has skin pigment. To experience the passion of a heart that beats to the rhythm of life is a dance of love. A love that can inspire a gift of romance. A gift could be the sexy song “Is Beauty Love” by Guillaume Mauri Manuel.

“Mientras buscamos lo divino, escuchar música puede conectarnos de corazón a corazón. As we seek the divine, listening to music can connect us heart to heart.” -Guillaume Mauri Manuel

In the words of Oscar de la Renta: “Your great strength is knowing who you are.

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